Big Changes…

sample-of-christmas-letter-for-brotherTo the readers of Constitution Me,

I want to thank you all for your support and the dedication that you all have shown in reading my publications. During these past months, I have used this blog as a means to share my opinions and insights on both political and current events. I however will cease to do so.

I have recently started another blog called Dear Progressives and plan to use this blog to publish any and all future opinions. To briefly explain the title and purpose of this blog; Dear Progressives is a series of letters that “The Keeper” and myself, publish to prominent progressive leaders.

These letters will attack progressive policies, debunk fallacies used by progressives, and to expose the dangers of government expansion in the lives of the governed. These letters will be used to advocate in favor of constitutional, traditional, and Christian values; to provide truth and enlightenment to the rhetoric we are continuously being exposed to, and finally to be a voice for limited government and the tenth amendment.

Again I appreciate all of your support and subscriptions to this blog, and I hope to continue to receive your blessing as I undergo this next step. For anyone that wants to continue to receive updates about posts and release dates of the up and coming e-books, please subscribe at the following link.


Thank you, and may God bless you all.


Britton Wolf


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