The Next Conservative Revolution

At this time, I would like to discuss what I view as the future of the conservative philosophy. Every so many years our cause needs a revolution, this undertaking needs a revival. Looking back thought it our history we can view examples of small and large movements. More recent or notable instances of activism would include the tea party movement or the Reagan revolution.

Webster defines the term revolution as: an activity or movement designed to effect fundamental change.

The Spark

Like many other concerned Americans, I believe that we are losing sight of who we are. This election the political elites demanded that we abandon our principles. That we water down our message and beliefs. And then something happened. Senator Ted Cruz stood before the RNC and boldly proclaimed, “Freedom Matters!” 

Freedom does matter. And I believe that this statement was the spark that ignited our next conservative revolution. 

The fundamental change that we must promote is a restoration of Americans’ love for the constitution, create unity within our communities and nation, and to renew the vision of America that our forefathers so dearly held.

The Freedom Movement
It is time to remind our fellow Americans of the great American Revolution and what we learned from it. Our Founding Father’s act of rebellion taught us:

  1. That all men are created equal.
  2. That we are endowed by our Creator with our natural rights; our right to life, our right to maintain certain liberties, and our right to pursue happiness if we so choose.
  3. We also learned that the powers of government derive from the people. That we empower government and that our representatives are beholden to us. Not the other way around.

This movement is about proving that our Founding Fathers were right. That this revolutionary “American Experiment” was not in vain.

Now is the time of determination. Now is the moment to prove that man can live free of tyranny and oppression. That man is fit to maintain his natural rights, freedoms that governments have denied men and women for centuries. I believe that the Constitution and this freedom movement are our only hope for restoring our founder’s vision of America.

My fellow Americans, freedom is worth fighting for. Freedom is worth dying for. But more importantly freedom is worth living for. Freedom Matters!

“Freedom is never given; it is won.”

 -A. Philip Randolf


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