Monthly Featured: August 2016-Economic Freedom


Here at Constitution Me we will post a monthly lecture, video, or article that promotes freedom, the Constitution, or unity.  The intent of this post will be to focus on a new concept each month.  We believe the only way for us to remain a prosperous nation and for freedom to thrive is to adhere to the Constitution and follow in the legacy that our Founding Fathers left us. Check out our page to learn more about the Constitution, and how you can get involved in a political party dedicated to defending American values.  Remember to check out the Constitution Party and discover ways you can help grow this movement.

Here at Constitution Me, we believe in economic freedom and limiting government’s involvement in the free market.  We believe that Capitalism and the free market are the best methods for bringing individuals out of poverty.  Although government social programs and handouts can help to alleviate the burdens of poverty, we believe that this creates dependency by the individual, upon another organization.  In the long run this dependency does not pull individuals from poverty but creates complacency.  

Please read this month’s featured on economic freedom.  This month we will focus on an article published by The Economist, outlining how capitalism has helped lift nearly 1 billion people out of extreme poverty over the past two decades.  We hope that you enjoy this article as much as we did.
Here is the link:



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