Conservatism, is it dying?


Recently I have seen people stand up and claim to be conservatives, when they don’t advocate for such principles.  They don’t defend concepts like limited government, personal responsibility, and economic freedom. Conservatism is not an ideology of war, protectionism, and “justifiable” government intrusions of American’s civil liberties or violations to the Constitution.  But it appears this is what we are becoming.  We are losing ourselves.

Friedrich Hayek was quoted to have said, “Conservatism is only as good as what it conserves.”  With that being said what is it that we as conservatives, conserve?

Based on my understanding of the term: A conservative is an individual that defends traditional values or principles with regards to politics and religion.  Conservatives believe in preserving the political philosophies of our founding fathers, and the rules of government as outlined by the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution of the United States.  Traditionally conservatives derive their sense of morality through their various religious convictions, or the laws of nature.  Conservatives uphold family values and believe in the sanctity of life.  Conservatives champion principles of limited government, personal responsibility, and everybody minding their own business.  Conservatives promote non-interventionism; only condoning war to defend their freedoms, families, and country from direct acts of aggression.  Conservatives believe in free-market capitalism, Laissez-Faire capitalism, or being economically free of government interference.  Conservatives believe in fiscal responsibility, lowering taxes and cutting government spending.  I realize conservatives advocate for more than just these beliefs but this will give us a sound explanation.  The focus of this post is not to define conservatism but to understand how it is being vitiated.

What is the Cancer?

There is a disease thriving within our nation, it seeks to undermine, corrupt, and belittle freedom and democratic rule.  It actively works to redefine words and terms like marriage, separation of church and state,  our right to bear arms, freedom of speech, etc.  This illness is the progressive movement and it is slowly killing our nation and the foundation that it was established upon.

I want my readers to know that I do not subscribe to classical liberal thought, however I do not believe that liberalism in the traditional sense of the word is pure evil.  Liberalism being defined as the rejection of established social norms in order to bring about a socially freer society and less government intrusion in our lives.  But that is completely different from today’s liberals.  Why?  The philosophy of classical liberalism became corrupted by the progressives.  Today’s liberals advocate for more government intrusions in everyday life (primarily at the federal level), the abolishment of freedom of thought or voice, and the abolishment of consequence.

It is my belief that progressive philosophies have infiltrated both the conservative movement and the Republican Party.  When conservatives speak out against what we call the republican establishment for no longer representing them, it’s not conservative principles that are the problem.  It’s the lack of principle.  Every election we are asked to abandon our principles and vote for a slightly less, pro-big-government candidate.  Someone that doesn’t uphold conservative principles, but isn’t as bad as the candidate on the left.

It is my belief that the Republican Party no longer upholds conservative values, and the most recent evidence of that can be found at the Republican National Convention.  Members of the GOP literally booed the concepts of freedom of thought, choice, and conscience.  Who does this sound like?

That doesn’t sound like a party that defends individual freedom.  That certainly isn’t a party that I want to associate myself with.  How can I remain a member of a party that refuses to defend even these basic freedoms?  As conservatives we have to draw a line in the sand.  We have to place our principles above the party.

After all, Reagan wasn’t the one that left the party.  The party had left him.


What is the Future of the Conservative Movement?  

I don’t believe that Conservatism is dead.  But we are weak, this cancer is slowly killing our movement and our philosophy.  The only real cure to this illness is our principle.  Remaining true to our convictions.  Standing up for what is right regardless of what others around us may do or say.  The Truth is worth standing for.

I have observed a new trend on social media, where conservatives are becoming more specific in how they define themselvesand I full fledgedly support it!  Individuals that subscribe to true conservative principles are beginning to refer to themselves as “Constitutional Conservatives.”  This allows us to distinguish ourselves from this “progressive/conservative” hybrid.

I am a strong proponent of the Constitution; and believe that returning to this document and it’s original intent as our founders wrote, will be our saving grace.  We have the responsibility to unite our nation and our local communities, and to restore our nation’s love for the Constitution.  

In closing I wish to share a quote from the father of our nation, George Washington, “The Constitution is the guide which I never will abandon.”  The Constitution matters.  Freedom matters.  And the future of our nation depends upon a restoration of the doctrines of freedom.

Lets get to work!

Where do we go from here?  Here at Constitution Me we are dedicated to the principles of limited government, personal responsibility and defending the Constitution.  We believe that the Constitution is the only way to truly unify the American people, and restore greatness to our nation.  The Constitution is a literal blueprint given to us by our founders, explaining how our government should function.  If we elect righteous leaders that will uphold and defend the Constitution, our country will prosper, freedom won’t be infringed upon, and we will be more unified as a nation.  Check out our page to learn more about the Constitution, and how you can get involved in a political party dedicated to defending American values.  Remember to check out the Constitution Party and discover ways you can help grow this movement.


2 thoughts on “Conservatism, is it dying?

  1. Interesting article, and I agree with caveats. The assertion that progressives is corrupting liberalism is one that is fair to make, considering how American politics seems to be playing out for the last century, but if we get outside of the United States, the precepts of liberalism are still well understood. Perhaps it’s truer to say that progressives has co-opted the term, but the ideology of liberalism still exists. The largest contributing factor toward the corruption of the American fabric is the death of civics in schools. The facts of our founding are taught, but never the reasons or the political tensions that the Founders were faced with. This happened in the US, rather than outside the US, because our country was founded very openly on the precepts of liberalism, and without undermining those precepts, the progressives knew they couldn’t make any political headway. That is, at least, my view. Continue your fight for Liberty! – Liberty is For The Win


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