Vote Your Conscience: Disenfranchised Conservatives Must UNITE

I personally like this idea and would join in except in my area, for whatever reason, a write in vote is not an option. I tried to write in Ron Paul my first time voting in 2012. I got to the booth and my only two options were Romney and Obama. That was a real let down.. Especially for my first election, but it set a good precedent of what to expect.

I personally love how Donald Trump claims he had a record turn out to vote for him. He is neglecting to acknowledge the 12 million Democrats that switched parties to vote on his behalf:

I don’t expect these same voters to vote in his favor for the general election. I believe that this was a ploy to sabotage the Republican Party and prevent a true contest in the general election. They intentionally voted for the weakest of the Republicans running. Remember, Hillary Clinton just barely beat Bernie Sanders—Why? Because her camp had infiltrated the Republican Party.

A vote for Cruz will be a long shot! A write in may beat Trump, but Hillary has this election in the bag regardless of the votes tallied. Don’t forget how she escaped the FBI investigation. She has the cards stacked in her favor and I don’t believe she has a chance of losing this election.

If it were an option, I would give my vote to Cruz. But it is not for me. Darrell Castle of the Constitution Party has ballot access in my state and I will be giving him my vote. I wish it were Cruz!


Biblical Signs In The Headlines


After the plethora of liberal anti-Conservative speeches given on the closing night of the Republican National Convention, it is now crystal clear that we have no horse in this Race. Last night only proved what I’ve believed for months, that we have the choice between two Democrats for the next President of the United States. We witnessed a gay rights activist get CHEERED for condemning Christian values in the GOP Platform, while a night earlier, we saw the CHAMPION defender of our values, Ted Cruz, get BOOED by the same crowd. As I’ve said many times the past few months, the Republican Party is no longer my Party, and is obviously not the Party of Christian Conservatives anymore. Donald Trump was the first Republican Presidential Candidate in nearly a half century to not reference God throughout his acceptance speech. He also spoke more in defense of LGBTQ issues, than he…

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