When The Constitution Was Booed…


Wednesday night, Texas Senator Ted Cruz was expected to endorse the Republican Presidential Nominee, Donald Trump.  Cruz spoke at the Republican National Convention, congratulated Trump for winning the nomination, but never awarded his endorsement.  The Huffington Post released a full transcript of Sen. Cruz’s speech.

After watching Cruz’s speech I was left shocked and bewildered.  What amazed me most was how this congregation of people had the audacity to boo Cruz for his remarks.  Cruz did not promote any candidate in his speech, rather he endorsed the American people’s right to vote their conscience.  Still that wasn’t good enough.  The audience felt that Trump was entitled to an endorsement, that he had been robbed.  But on what grounds?  Cruz can no longer retain his principles because both candidates share the same party?  As a party do we no longer uphold freedom of conscience?  

I am thankful for Ted Cruz standing up to the party and it’s elites.  I am thankful for him reminding us that it is ok to place principle above the party.  If we trade our values what are we left with? At that point who are we–What will we become?

For me his short message rang true, “Stand, and speak, and vote your conscience, vote for candidates up and down the ticket who you trust to defend our freedom and to be faithful to the Constitution.”   After hearing this, why is it that Trump supporters didn’t assume Cruz was talking about their candidate?  Can they not trust Trump to defend freedom?  To abide by the Constitution?   For me that that notion is extremely alarming.

These people know who Trump is, they know he won’t defend the Constitution; quite frankly and they don’t care.  You see, this election has nothing to do with freedom.  This election is all about beating Hillary Clinton.  And I am convinced that some members of the Republican Party would sell their souls if it meant beating Hillary.  It’s their hatred for this woman that will lead to their downfall.  They don’t care who gets elected—anyone but Hillary.

For decades the establishment has used fear to secure our votes; there is always a problem, an evil that desires to violate the constitution and take away our freedoms.  Without fail, the proposed solution is always to vote for someone only slightly less evil, someone we don’t truly agree with.  A candidate that will violate the Constitution less, and infringe upon less of our freedom.  A candidate that does not share our morals, our values, or our convictions.  But this doesn’t stop us from casting our votes election after election.  It’s fear that motivates us, fear allows us to go against what we know to be true.  We fear the other side winning more than the abandonment of freedom.  Fear is what powers this constant cycle of voting for evil.

Both parties have used this tactic to create distrust, and animosity between both sides.  This division has less to do with policy differences, as it does fearing our opponents’ victory; because of fear we are expected to blindly vote for Trump.  To vote without understanding his policies.  NBC News released a great article explaining the history of Trump’s policy changes.  The man changes his policy nearly as fast as he changes wives.  Truthfully I can’t keep up with his policy changes and even if I could it wouldn’t matter, sooner or later he will just change them again!  My advice is STOP listening to the rhetoric being handed to us by the establishment.  The establishment only retains power over us when we refuse to remain true to ourselves.  We must firmly stand upon our ethics, convictions, and the doctrines of freedom.

Cruz’s actions Wednesday night were phenomenal.  He shined a spotlight on the truth, he reminded the people who Trump is and now they hate him for it.  He reminded the Republican base that he was the candidate against the establishment, not Trump.  Cruz wasn’t ridiculed for refusing to abandon his principles, but for showing the Republican Party how they had betrayed theirs.  We have followed this path for too long, we are beginning to lose our identities.  I barely recognize the party anymore.

This past week Trump’s veteran adviser Al Baldasaro said, “Hillary Clinton should be put in the firing line and shot for treason.”   But what about due process?  No trial?  What about the constitution?  Although I do not agree with Hillary Clinton, I acknowledge her being entitled to her rights as a US citizen.  Tuesday night, I was actually excited for the RNC, I was hoping to hear how Trump would get America back to work.  I wanted to hear solutions on our economy, and his actual policy.  Instead I watched Gov. Chris Christie’s mock trial; to be honest, I couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.  Again—what happened to this party? 

There used to be a time when the Republican Party upheld conservative values, fought for freedom, and defended the Constitution.  Being a Republican meant something.  I’m afraid those days are behind, this no longer is the party of Lincoln, Coolidge and Reagan.  Wednesday night proved that the GOP is dead.  We killed our party by rejecting our morals, the truth, and the Constitution.  Our party died when we booed the Constitution.

Where do we go from here?  Here at Constitution Me we are dedicated to the principles of limited government, personal responsibility and defending the Constitution.  We believe that the Constitution is the only way to truly unify the American people, and restore greatness to our nation.  The Constitution is a literal blueprint given to us by our founders, explaining how our government should function.  If we elect righteous leaders that will uphold and defend the Constitution, our country will prosper, freedom won’t be infringed upon, and we will be more unified as a nation.  Check out our page to learn more about the Constitution, and how you can get involved in a political party dedicated to defending American values.  Remember to check out the Constitution Party and discover ways you can help grow this movement.


6 thoughts on “When The Constitution Was Booed…

  1. I’m a social conservative and have been all my life. I’ve supported conservative and moderate candidates my entire adult life. I’ve worked for and donated to campaigns. I have volunteered and helped convince others to vote. I’ve been a senatorial delegate and would have been a Texas delegate if I hadn’t had to deal with something at my school.

    That all being said, I can’t vote for Trump.

    I will admit I was a Cruz supporter early on because he had and has the most organized and intelligent campaign. But I could have made an excuse for almost any of the other candidates. Except Trump. Trump strikes me a fake. His wealth provides a thin veneer through which the crazy is now breaking through. He uses his wealth and connections like a brickbat to attack others. He has little interest or grasp of the nuances of the major issues facing the nation and relies on tired rhetoric and fully made up lies to distract from the absolute shallow nature of his knowledge. He’s backed by known political thugs who think nothing of destroying other candidates personally, professionally and emotionally. I have no doubt there were far worse threats made against the family of Ted Cruz than the ones made public.I believe Ted Cruz withdrew to keep his family safe. Trump’s been in casinos long enough to know some wise guys and I don’t think he’s moral enough to keep from using them. Cruz’ speech last week was an appeal to the better angels of ourselves. While the media chose to focus on the screaming idiots in the crowd-goaded by yellow hatted thugs in the crowd-between those standing I saw many more sitting on their hands, not clapping. And that image was repeated during the 76 minute rantathon of the nominee Thursday night. Stories are coming home from delegates who were singled out and pressured to stay silent, who were surrounded and bullied, who were ignored in spite of party rules that are supposed to prevent that.

    Make no mistake, I don’t like Hillary Clinton, who I find to be every bit as self-serving and manipulative as Trump. Frankly this is the most toxic election of my entire life. I’m still not sure that Trump isn’t doing this to insure Hillary-his good friend-wins. All I know for sure is that the RNC silenced my vote by silencing my delegate and as a result they are not deserving of my vote in November. I will work for downticket races for candidates whose ethics I can swallow. But I will not vote for Trump. Not now. Not ever.

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  2. Is that the same Constitution which, according to Ted Cruz, says that he’s not eligible for President?

    Interviewer: “What is your understanding of how one becomes a natural born citizen?”
    Cruz: “Two citizen parents and born on the soil.”

    Well, maybe Ted did boo it together with Hillary and Obama on the Air Force One. He certainly isn’t the Constitution, just like you aren’t the Bible, kiddo.


  3. @Constitution Me: If the meaning of the Constitution can be changed by the enactment of a law rather than by an Amendment, then we are Post-Constitutional. The meaning of “Natural Born Citizen” was clearly understood by the Founding Father’s. Perhaps if we cling to your view, then words such as “right”, “bear”, “arms”, “freedom” and “press” can also be redefined by legislation.


    1. @Monnie: Thank you for your comment. I believe that Congress’s purpose with regard to the Naturalization Act of 1790, was to add clarification to the Constitution rather than “redefine” it. Please remember that the Constitution was written in 1787 and this act was passed by congress 3 years later. One of the signers of the Constitution, Robert Morris, was a member of that same congress. George Washington was president at the time, another signer. I imagine if Washington disagreed with the act he would have fought against it through checks and balances.

      I agree that our Founding Fathers clearly understood the meaning of “Natural Born Citizen” and as a result provided us clarification as to the meaning behind the words. Do you really believe that an individual born outside the US, to American parents should not be classified as natural born? That individual would have been considered a US citizen before the signing of this act, why would a born US citizen not be eligible to run for president?


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